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As a ministry of The Well,

we offer a limited number of counseling sessions to those outside of our church. 










David Cady

David holds a bachelor's degree (B.S.) and master's degree (M.S.) in psychology. Before entering full-time ministry, David worked as a psychotherapist for over seven years. Based on his experience as a trained psychotherapist, his own personal spiritual journey, and over twenty years of full-time professional ministry, David provides care, support, and guidance under three broad terms:

Pastoral Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and Religious Deconstruction Counseling 

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling includes, but is not limited to, traditional counseling issues. You might benefit from Pastoral Counseling if you are experiencing emotional symptoms or relational issues, including marital or parenting issues. 

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a tool for those who are not necessarily experiencing emotional or relational issues, but wish to grow and be more intentional in their own spiritual growth, knowledge and practice. Think of it as a personal trainer for your spiritual walk. 

Religious Deconstruction Counseling 

A relatively new term, religious deconstruction, refers to the tearing down or falling away of long-held religious ideas and beliefs. It is often experienced as doubt, honest questioning, anxiety, and a loss of certainty or even faith. Typical triggers for this process include religious trauma, perceived inconsistencies, and increased knowledge, among other things.  This can be a very troublesome experience for those who have relied on their religious  beliefs as the primary foundation of their lives and relationships, maybe even professions. Religious Deconstruction Counseling provides a safe space to process the intellectual, emotional, and relational upheaval that often accompanies examining your beliefs, exploring your options, and building something new. 

This is not formal psychotherapy. Should you also benefit from formal psychotherapy, David will be glad direct you to a licensed professional. 

Our goal is to make our counseling services available and affordable for everyone.

 Through the financial support of generous donors, no one is turned away because of the inability to pay. Depending on the current availability of funds, scholarships are available and might include free initial sessions or highly discounted rates. Please contact us for current options. 

Sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually. To inquire about intensive, multi-day sessions hosted on-location here in Hawaii, contact David directly. 

We, at The Well, are glad to offer this service to those who have walked a similar spiritual path and wrestled with similar questions as many of us. 

If you are interested helping us keep this service available and affordable, please contact us. 

"You must walk the road...but never alone"

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